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From the time John P. Picone, Inc. was first formed as a sewer company in Brooklyn back in the 1950’s, the workers were one of the most important assets of the company. The workers were not just employees, but coworkers in the company who relied and depended on one another. As the company has grown for more than a half century, so has the importance of developing a Safety Culture within the company. Employees are continuously receiving training whether it is a weekly toolbox safety meeting, OSHA training, or work task specific training as part of a Job Hazard Analysis.

As part of the company’s current safety philosophy, every Project Manager, Superintendent and Project Engineer receives the same fundamental safety training as the Project Safety Representative. This Team approach ensures that safety is incorporated into each of the individual work tasks from the planning stage and fosters a safe work environment during the construction process. The Project team is then entrusted to ensure that the job is constructed safely. In addition to the management team, the Corporate Safety Committee, which inspects individual projects monthly, then further reinforces the importance of safety when workers see the top management of the company inspecting their jobsite using appropriate PPE and making recommendations. To further reinforce the importance of safety to the workers, the company has implemented a Safety Incentive Program with quarterly and annual goals. Through the incentive program, workers are able to share in the real dollar savings that the company realizes in reduced workers compensation and liability costs that the safety program generates.

-John P. Picone, Inc. Safety Committee