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Most important projects by specialty

Renewal of Six Stations - Sea Beach Line

Mobilization/Preliminary Phase will consist of setting up the engineers office, perform preliminary survey work, construct and install construction barriers, construct and install temporary platforms and staircases at 8th Avenue and Bay Parkway st

New Arthur Kill Station and Parking Lot

The new Arthur Kill Station and Parking lot will be a new SIR station constructed between Atlantic and Nassau Stations. The station will consist of two pile supported platforms for the Tottenvile and St. George Ferry lines. A steel and concrete ra

Construction of 2nd Avenue Subway Line at 86th Street Station

This is the tenth of 10 contracts to be initiated of the construction of Phase 1 of the Second avenue Subway. The work under this project includes, but is not limited to the supply and installation of mechanical systems including HVAC work in the

Construction of Station Entrance at Site P

Site P Station Entrance to the Number 7 Line Subway Extension consists of construction of a below-grade station entrance structure which includes open-cut excavation work, construction of reinforced concrete lining at the entrance tunnel, construc