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DRAGADOS ganó su primer proyecto de Metro en España en 1944. En 1965, la compañía comenzó su incursión internacional y ganó su primer contrato de obras subterráneas. Desde entonces, DRAGADOS ha sido adjudicatario de más de 530 proyectos subterráneos en veinte países de los cinco continentes.


Hoy, después de haber construido más de 1.380 kilómetros de túneles, galerías y pozos a través de las más diversas condiciones geológicas, con todo tipo de tecnologías, somos una empresa líder a nivel mundial construcción subterránea.


Longitud Total (Km)
Túneles de carretera 243
Túneles de carretera 254
Túneles de metro 293
Agua 555
Minería 135
TOTAL 1.480

Most Important Projects by Specialty

Emergency Repairs of Water Mains and Sewer Lines City Wide
These contracts are performed under the direction of the NYC DEP on an emergency basis. Picone is on call 24 / 7 with a response time within two hours of notification. There are multiple crews on standby with equipment and materials.&n
City Water Tunnel #3, Stage 2
The work at each shaft consisted of the installation of four 48” diameter stainless steel riser pipes above and below an intermediate riser valve chamber, the placing of fill concrete around the riser pipes in an existing concrete-lined 15&
Hunts Point Water Pollution Control Plant
This project involved major civil, mechanical, electrical and architectural work. Briefly, the scope included main building improvements, a new personnel facility, new main sewage pumps, the reconstruction of several pump stations, chlorinat
Spring Creek Auxiliary Water Pollution Control Plant
The project consisted of the rehabilitation and improvement of the existing CSO (Combined Sewage Overflow) facility and grounds. The work included the rehabilitation of the existing Pump Station, Basin Building, construction of a new Odor Control Building and site work.