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Most important projects by specialty

Replacement of Eleven Hydraulic Elevator Units

Structural Remove existing elevator casings Remediation of the existing structure Repair existing, deteriorated structural elements as required by state standards Provide new steel elevator casings, new attachment of new elevator guide rails to th

Sandy Repairs at QMT and HCT

2013-2014 TBTA GFM-495 Work Order 074, Promat Board Fireproofing and Polymer Coating in the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel-Project Manager Contract Amount $166,500.00 Furnish and install approximately 122 lf of tunnel fireproofing board on the underside of

Ocean Parkway & Robert Moses State Park Traffic Circle

High profile project with an accelerated schedule to restore extensive damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, involved hydraulic dredging, transportation and placement of 800,000 cubic yards of sand to restore protective dunes along approx. 5 miles of

Brooklyn Bridge-Montgomery Coastal Resilience Project. SANDTWOBR

This $350M, 4-year Coastal Resilience Project is a partnership with the New York City Mayor’s Office of Resiliency and the New York City Department of Design and Construction