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Water Treatment

Datos relevantes
Presas de gravedad 90
Presas de bóveda 23
Presas de hormigón compactado con rodillo 15
Presas de materiales sueltos 72
Presas de otros tipos 5
Centrales hidroeléctricas 45

Most important projects by specialty

Croton Water Treatment Plant

The main objective of this project was to construct a new Shaft and Meter Chamber (SMC) around the low and high service 108” riser pipes that will deliver filtered water to the Jerome Park Reservoir (JPR) water distribution system. The Shaft

Bowery Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant

The work under Contract BB-64 includes replacement of discharge piping, discharge cone check and gate valves, main headers and isolation valves and flow meters for seven of the eight main sewage pumps located in the Low Level and High Level Pump S

Jamaica WPCP Structures & Equipment

Phase 1 Rehabilitation of the Jamaica WPCP included: 5 new main sewage pumps, VFD controllers and force main 16 new return sludge pumps, VFD controllers and piping 8 reconstructed Digester Tanks, including new covers, pumps, and piping New aluminu

Newtown Creek WPCP Upgrade

Under a federal decree for completion by the end of 2007, a new battery of treatment tanks over 300,000 square feet in size, a new 81,400 square feet control building, and a new influent distribution system were constructed. Located over the exist